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Medical Aid Schemes in South Africa

Getting a medical aid scheme can be one of the most important decisions on can make as medical costs are getting more expensive as time goes on.  You never know what may happen – so think about the unexpected. A medical aid can be seen as a form of health insurance.  It provides for all sorts of medical requirements that one need. 

The main difference between medical aid schemes is the different benefits the medical scheme providers have to offer.  Thus it means that one has to do some research about the different schemes so you can be aware of which one you need the most.  There are about 160 medical aid scheme companies in South Africa.  This is a lot of companies to compare to find the right scheme, but think about it this way – with so many competitive companies, there must be some of them with some very competitive premiums!

The Importance of a Medical Aid Scheme

A medical scheme can cover most of your medical bills such as doctors’ fees, medication, surgery costs, and hospitalization etc.  This saves one from huge financial loss, because without a medical cover one must budget for this type of expenses.

One can also profit from a medical aid plan when it offers cash back benefits.  When an unexpected emergency strikes, you can be at rest knowing you are covered.

It is important that a person knows what they require from their medical insurance, no-one wants to find out later they are not covered for a certain operation or procedure.

The rules and regulations of the medical aid scheme should be complied by the brokers and members, if not, you will carry the consequences.  Medical aid fraud is a common occurrence in South Africa these days and isn’t taken lightly by authorities.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The variety of medical aid covers give you the certainty that you will receive the best aid for your money.  You can purchase an aid individually or for the whole family. The only disadvantage of some aids is that there is a maturity date, in other words when the period expires, you will have to pay these costs out of your own pocket.

Some Well-known Medical Aid Schemes:

  • Bestmed Medical Scheme
  • Bonitas Medical Fund
  • Discovery Health Medical Scheme
  • Fedhealth Medical Scheme
  • Genesis Medical Scheme
  • Getmed Medical Scheme
  • Liberty Medical Scheme
  • Makoti Medical Scheme
  • Medimed Medical Scheme
  • Medshield Medical Scheme

What You Should Take Home

If you are not covered, get covered now!  Do not wait for an emergency and then decide on a medical aid plan.  Save yourself and your family from financial breakdowns, and do the right thing.  Take care of your family and yourself, and make sure that you get the treatment that you need when something bad happens. Get medical aid quotes now!

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